ATV Trails Guide Moab Book & Map, Combo Pack.

ATV Trails Guide Moab Book & Map, Combo Pack.
By Charles A. Wells

Product Details:

  • Paperback: 160 pages + 2 full sized maps
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.5 X.5 inches
  • Publisher: FunTreks Guidebooks & National Geographic
  • ISBN: 0-9664976-7-8, TI00000500, TI00000501
  • Package includes: 1 ATV Trail Guide Book & 2 National Geographic -Trails Illustrated™ topographic maps.
  • The most complete Moab ATV Trail information availabe
  • Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Features:

  • 30 Trails
  • 31 color maps
  • 195 color photos

    This new full-color guide has been designed specifically for ATVs, but trails are also great for dirt bikes. Precise directions, pinpoint maps and stunning color photos guide you through Moab, Utah’s legendary backcountry. Thirty “cruiser-to-bruiser” routes provide thrilling rides for all skill levels. Learn where to unload and places to camp. Stay on course with handy GPS waypoints. New easy-to-use ATV format.

Map Features:

  • These National Geographic -Trails Illustrated™ topographic maps are the most comprehensive and complete recreational map for the recreation areas north of Moab, Utah. The map shows all trails, campsites, and recreational features, plus ratings and mileage for mountain biking trails and junction-to-junction road and trail mileage.
  • #500 - Moab North New and Improved Version Now Shipping. Updated With More Detail And Better Graphics.
    This maps coverage area includes Green River, Fisher Towers and Arches National Park; highlighted Jeep Safari Trails and Mountain Bike Trails from Moab to Interstate 70; enhanced coverage of Dubinsky Wash to the Green River. Includes detailed 1:35,000 scale insets of Moab, Slickrock Bike Trail, Sand Flats Recreation Area, and Monitor and Merrimac Buttes/Bartlett Wash Area.
  • #500 - Moab North New and Improved Version Now Shipping. Updated With More Detail And Better Graphics.  
    This maps coverage area includes Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park, Behind the Rocks WSA, Hurrah Pass and Canyonland's White Rim; highlighted Jeep Safari Trails from Moab to Canyon Rims Recreation Area; and detailed 1:35,000 scale insets of Moab, Moab Rim, Poison Spider Mesa, Gold Bar Rim, and Gemini Bridges Area.
  • All map data is updated to reflect road closings, new trails, and campground relocation. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material with a plastic coating that offers supreme durability for your next outdoor adventure.  Scale = 1:70,000.

Sample pages from the book

All photos and graphics used for sales promotion are copyright © FunTreks Guidebooks, Inc.

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