ATVUtah Trail CD

ATVUtah Trail CD

TOPO! Utah Add-on Data CD
For The Ultimate Outdoor Recreation Mapping Software

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Exclusively From ATVUtah:
ATVUtah.com's, Utah ATV Trail Topo© & GPS Data CD-ROM version #6

Now includes more maps and GPS data.
Including routes and GPS data for the Paiute ATV Trail (updated), the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree and the Fillmore National ATV Jamboree, the Tri-State ATV Jamboree, the Arapeen OHV Trails, Pansagaunt ATV Trails, Fremont ATV Trail, Gooseberry ATV Trails, the San Rafael Swell, the Markagunt ATV Trails, the Amasa trails, the Conger Mountain trails, the Cricket Mountain trails, and much more..

With over 15000 Utah GPS waypoints marked and ready to import into your GPS software or into your GPS.  We have annotated maps with all the sights you won't want to miss on the Paiute ATV Trail.  Now includes GPS route data and maps for the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree and Fillmore National ATV Jamboree. We did all the hard work for you. All you need to do is import this into your copy of the GPS software or download the waypoints to your GPS and your off!  You can print the maps we included or use the waypoint files directly in your favorite GPS.  We have provided files in several easy to use formats to fit most GPS devices on the market.
Note: This exclusive ATVUtah Data Add-on CD can not be used as a stand alone product without GPS software.   When used with your favorite GPS application it is your source for countless miles of tail information.

This CD will enthrall the tech-savvy outdoor explorer. You won't find mapping data with more detail or customization options. It's an excellent planning tool for backcountry adventures or road trips.

PC Windows version System Requirements:
PC compatible running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT 4.0 and higher. 486 DX/66 MHz PC or higher.  At least 64 MB RAM and 8 MB of video memory. Works with all color and black & white printers supported by these operating systems.

Mac version System Requirements
Mac OS 10.2 or higher. 350 MHz G3 or better. At least 128 MB RAM and 16 MB of video memory. Works with all color and black & white printers supported by Mac OS 10.

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