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#63 - GPS Explorer (Richfield) (Read 948 times)
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#63 - GPS Explorer (Richfield)
10/16/03 at 10:40:54
NOTE: This ride has been changed.  We have added more geocaches to find and moved the ride to the "Maze". An area South-West of Monroe, UT and North-East of Marysvale, UT. This years challenge will be to first navigate a GPS track or route to a "Drop point" then unload your bikes and navigate by GPS to a "Start" point. Then the fun begins. You will have to make a choice at a triple fork in the road, of which one of the ten buried treasures to hunt for first. But don't worry there is enough for all. We have tried to make it fun for the novice as well as challenging for the experts. Find one your doing good, find more your doing great, find all 10 and you are a GPS Pro. This is an all day ride so pack plenty of water, sunscreen  and snacks. There will also be two places to get gas and lunch along the way, but we will only tell you the GPS waypoint numbers for them to keep things interesting.
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Re: #63 - GPS Explorer (Richfield)
Reply #1 - 10/16/03 at 12:36:28
This is  a very cool ride.

Don Smith, master of ceremonies is a blast.

We met at the Richfield city park, all rides meet there first thing in the morning the day of the ride.  We were given a printed map with a list of GPS waypoints that created a route to the "DropZone".  We trailered our ATV's, following the GPS route to a point south of Monroe.  This was fun since we had to create the route in our GPS before we even left the park.

The challenge was to follow the route and not use the printed map (but SOME of us are from Texas and decided to get lost trying to follow the map).

We met out in the middel of Poverty flats between Monroe and Marysvale where there was plenty of room to park and unload and leave our rigs without concern.

After we unloaded our ATV's at the "DropZone" we followed our route to the last waypoint on the route and met with Don Smith and the guides.

Then we got ANOTHER map and ANOTHER list of waypoints.  These waypoints were for the locations of 10 geocaches.  If you don't know what a geocache is go look at Multimedia file viewing and clickable links are available for registered members only!!  You need to Login or Register!!
.  The guides even helped some of the people who didn't know how to program their GPS with waypoints get started.

The challenge was to enter all 10 waypoints in our GPS and then find the geocahes hidden in the "Maze".  The Maze is a hilly area with roads the go everywhere.  These roads connect dozens of old mining properties so they go everywhere and there are three roads to everything.  It is a blast since you really need to learn to use the GPS or you may get close but never find the geocache.   It helps you learn that maps and your impression of where a road leads to may not be accurate but your GPS is.

All the geocaches had a logbook to sign and a pokerchip for each rider to take.  Some riders left things in the geocaches too.  That is part of the fun, leaving something for the next person who finds the geocache.

The guides roamed the area and met up with riders at some intersections and a few of the geocaches.

At one point a rider broke down and didn't have tools.  Another rider called in the GPS coordinates of the break down and the "Mudbugs" from Texas rode to the rescue.  Amazing what a GPS and a radio can do for you.

Some of the riders finished early and some of the riders did not finish finding all 10 geocaches.

When we are finished we met back at the DropZone where we had a ceremony.  We were all inducted into the "Royal Order of GPS explorers".  We had to swear an oath to never admit we were lost or ask for directions (which was no big deal for most of us!!!) and we recieved a really nice scarf with the GPS Explorers logo printed on it.

The "MudBugs" from Texas were given special recognition for using their GPS's to locate and help a fellow rider.  Way to go MudBugs!

Of course Don had to teach us all how to walk the "strut" and show off our scarves.

All in all this was a GREAT ride.  It was "freeform" meaning there is no set path to follow and you could go it alone if you wanted.  No sucking another riders dust or being told when to stop or go and the hills were blast to ride.  Most rode in groups of 2-4 riders.

We were told that next year there will be a class teaching you how to use a GPS the night before the ride so even if you have NEVER used a GPS before this is a ride for you.  Just bring your GPS and manual and they will show you how to use it.  How cool is that!

The terrain was beginner to intermediate because there are several possible routes to each geocache there is no reason to ride a section of road that you are not comfortable riding.  Just look at the map and ride around any tricky areas.  But there are also some steep sections for the more adventurous types to enjoy.

We even had a traffic jam on a switch back when we met another large group of riders.  I'll bet there has NEVER been a traffic jam on the side of that hill until now.

The Maze area is very cool, lost of old mines and mining equipment strewn about.  There are several mine shafts that have had steel bars placed over the entrances and you can look down in them.  We were advised not to attempt to enter any mines or exposed shafts as there is dangerous gas that has no oders.   We only saw one that could be entered and it didn't look inviting.

If you are a rockhound this is a great area to look over dozens of mining dumps.  SInce the rocks were mined at all different depths there is a huge selection of different rocks.  And you have plenty of time to poke around.

If you want to find the 10 geocaches yourself, just go to Multimedia file viewing and clickable links are available for registered members only!!  You need to Login or Register!!
and look for geocaches named Jam1-10.  They are still there and it will be interesting to see what is in them next year.

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GPS Explorer Ride MAP!!!
Reply #2 - 10/21/03 at 19:59:01
The GPS Explorers were given a map leading to the riding area and a map of the 10 Geocaches.

It can be found here (rather large .pdf file)

Multimedia file viewing and clickable links are available for registered members only!!  You need to Login or Register!!

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Have fun, ride safe, keepem wheels down, and see you at the Jamborees,
The ATVUtah.com Forums Team.
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