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12/09/23 at 22:10:53

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#T - ATV Training (Richfield) (Read 665 times)
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#T - ATV Training (Richfield)
10/16/03 at 11:14:36
This ASI certified training course will be offered Monday afternoon and again Wednesday at a convenient location west of Richfield City. It is highly recommended for all "Never-Ever" riders and less experienced "Beginner" riders. What you learn here will be very valuable during the remainder of the week greatly improving your safety and enjoyment of the Jamboree. The following safety equipment is required: Approved helmet; goggles or face shield; gloves; long sleeved shirt; long pants; over the ankle boots. The following age/engine displacement requirements must be met - 70 to 90 cc for ages 8 to 12; ATV's with greater than 90 cc should be used only by persons aged 16 and older. Riders without the proper safety equipment cannot participate.
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