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Atv jamboree (Read 2163 times)

Atv jamboree
06/08/06 at 16:38:50
Can you ride double, at the atv jamboree?

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Re: Atv jamboree
Reply #1 - 06/08/06 at 19:31:16
Yes you can Amy.
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Have fun, ride safe, keepem wheels down, and see you at the Jamborees,
The ATVUtah.com Forums Team.
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From the South

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Re: Atv jamboree
Reply #2 - 06/14/06 at 21:52:19
I'm thinking about making the trip up there for this. Where is a good place to stay and far in advanced do I need to make reservations. Is there room for trailers at the hotels and are the atv's safe there.
When they say the trails are for advanced riders how hard are they. Me and the wife went to the Hatfield and McCoy trails last year and she rode the intermediate trails. Will she have a problem with the advanced ones.
Also will we need to rejet our carbs. We ride below 3000 feet right now.
I'm sure I will have more questions later.
Thanks Chris
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Wind Bag
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Just Ride....

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Re: Atv jamboree
Reply #3 - 06/21/06 at 17:51:20

You had better call for a reservation right now. Look on the Jams main page for lodging the link.
Most of the motels have room on the property to deal with your trailer.
I have not heard of anyone having problems with ATV's while parked during the jam.

If a rider is not comfortable with wrestling the bike through and over big rocks are sidling trails they should not ride the advanced rider trips and should stick to the beginner or intermediate rides.

Jetting depends on the bike. Most seem to do just fine, some lose a bit of HP at altitude. A very few refuse to run at 11,000 ft.

I recommend you come and ride. If you don't like the performance wheel it over to Jorgensen Honda in Richfield and they can do a re-jet in no time. Call them ahead and ask if they have the jets for your ATV.

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I Love Utah!

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Re: Atv jamboree
Reply #4 - 06/28/06 at 12:42:37
mudcat, there are closer places to take your Quad than Jorgensen in Richfield. That would be a perfect alternative for the Rocky Mountain Jamboree but one heck of a drive for the Aarapeen Jamboree.
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Re: Atv jamboree
Reply #5 - 03/20/07 at 14:13:48
"I rode "The Hole Ride" at the Arapeen Jam last year.  It was rated as advanced and there were some scary parts I know my wife wouldn't have ridden.  However...we had a couple from Florida who came and had a blast!
It just depends on your skill level.

I found a room at the last minute but only because there had been a cancellation...I will reserve early this year.

No problems with anyone messing with my quad.  I did cover it at night just to try and discourage anyone walking by.

There's an ATV shop in Castle Dale Utah...just down the road from Ferron who could help with jets on your quads.  Mine bogged down a little at 11,000 but it never quit going.  

This was a fun Jam...small and personal.  The guides I had were great...very funny and great riders.  I learned a lot from them.
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