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07/02/20 at 05:18:59

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Chilling Article on Hikers deaths (Read 311 times)
Wind Bag
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Chilling Article on Hikers deaths
10/23/06 at 10:31:40
A few years ago a mother and daughter from Georgia took a day hike in the Uintahs.
Their bodies were found 9 months later.  They were caught in a storm.

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has chilling photos from the camera they were carrying that day.

Folks this is protoypical of what happens.  Look at the photos from early in the day.
They are sitting by the lake in a T-shirt.  The temp was something like 50 degrees.

Now it might be easy to say they were unprepared or did not know what to do but I think they
are typical of 99.9% of all of the people I meet on the trail.

They had jackets and a bit of food and maps.  What they did not have was knowledge of what
happens at high altitudes.  IF they did, they disregarded the gravity of the situation.
Very few people have experienced the rapid weather changes and  severe temp swings that regularly occur at altitude.

I am fairly certain that when these women left their vehicle that fatefull morning they did not expect
to be in a fight for their lives by the end of the day.

What happened to them is multiplied for a person on an ATV.  I can leave Marysvale on a 75 degree
sunny blue sky day.  By the time I hit the Beaver Summit 30 minutes later it could be the North Pole.  
In fact it might  be 65 and clear when I get to the Summit and 30 and a blizzard when I leave.  I can't count the number of times people have said "We just went for a quick ride up the mountain, dang it was cold up there. All I had was a wind breaker".  

I know, many of us look at this an immediately think "that wouldn't happen to me".
I'm sure if those two ladies were reading this they would say that too.

Just because you have the ability to easily access these areas does not mean you have the same abiltiy to exit.  Please think long and hard about what you are going to do if you get stuck in this situation.  Stuff happens, be prepared to come home alive.

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