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Need help putting Hi8 on the lap top (Read 366 times)
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Need help putting Hi8 on the lap top
05/03/07 at 21:58:37
help me I recently aquired a Sony steadyshot handycam model TRV67 and I need help downloading the stuff on the computer.  I downloaded the manual from sony and it did not say how to do that.  The camera has a S-video, audio and video ports to hook up to a VCR.  If I am able to get it on the computer I would like to do that also.  Do I also need a DVD burner.  My computer does not have one, so I will need to buy an external one.  Any sugestions on brand and model.

I am hoping one of our video gurus could help someone that is video challenged.  If not, I guess I will stick with still's

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Re: Need help putting Hi8 on the lap top
Reply #1 - 05/04/07 at 03:54:42
The way I transferred my Hi-8 footage from my old Sony cam was to connect it to my wife's Panasonic MiniDV cam. The S-video and audio cables were outputs from the Sony and inputs to the Panasonic. Then I connected the Panasonic to my computer via a Firewire cable and captured the video using Pinnacle, just as I would do for any MiniDV tape. The Panasonic was essentially serving as an analog-to-digital converter.

I think the Sony HC-96 can also work in that analog-to-digital converter role although I haven't tried it. Any MiniDV cam suitable for helmet camming (has A/V input instead of just output) should be able to work as well. If you have or can borrow one of those kinds of cameras, the manuals will usually describe the process in the Editing/Dubbing section.

Another method is to buy a video capture device for your computer. For example:

Multimedia file viewing and clickable links are available for registered members only!!  You need to Login or Register!!

Multimedia file viewing and clickable links are available for registered members only!!  You need to Login or Register!!

Yet another way that would be good if you had lots of old Hi-8 tapes that you wanted to transfer at one time is to use one of the services that do it for you. They can send you back DVDs, MiniDV tapes or even external Firewire drives. I have a bunch of old Hi-8 tapes that don't synch well with my battered Hi-8 camera, so I was planning to do that eventually and have them put all the tapes on a firewire drive for easy editing. Unless you just want to watch the footage and not edit it, I wouldn't recommend going the DVD route as that will put it in MPEG-2 format that is pre-compressed and harder to edit and integrate with DV video from the modern cams.
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