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06/02/23 at 17:00:36

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Bill McIllwain "The Ride To The Capitol" (Read 704 times)
Bill McIllwain
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The Paiute Trail

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Bill McIllwain "The Ride To The Capitol"
05/10/09 at 09:36:31
To all that attended the rally at the Paria.

It is because of folks like you that we are making a difference. The media was present and at times it got a little heated, however that is how it is supposed to be. There are two sides to every story and our fight is just our side of that story. The gathering was well organized and all held the highest respect from those present for the meeting and ride at the Paria River.

Our opposition were looking for trouble but didn't find any. We hope we will see good media coverage out of this event that will show those that oppose us, that we are not renagades and rebels trying to tear up and destroy our land.
Thanks again to our public representatives and other people that walk a fine line whenever they speak at events like this, they are put under the microscope, but we have the best of the best on our side and they don't miss a heartbeat when pinned to the wall
We are on our way!! We will move on to the next step. "The ride to the Capitol" is on its way to proving to be huge. We have the permits in hand and we are in the most critical stages of putting this event together. We need financial help for posters, flyers, permits, radio and media coverage.

I ask you once again to please donate at least $10.00 to this event. We still have time to raise the money we need. Also, if you are having a Tea Party or Jamboree or other event, Please take a moment at your event to ask the people who attend events like these to pull $10.00 out of their wallets and give it a representative to pass up to Salt Lake coordinators of the ride that will happen on August 8th.
We as riders and farmers and miners all know the real deal!! but we need to reach out now to the general public and educate them on why we need them at this rally too. This takes $$$ Please won't you help and find others to help too.

You can donate to "USA-ALL" or "AT YOUR LEAISURE" TV Show.

Thanks for your passion and will to fight!!

Bill McIllwain- event coordinator
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