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UTV Jamboree Schedule and event Ride descriptions (Read 1281 times)
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UTV Jamboree Schedule and event Ride descriptions
06/07/09 at 12:25:33
There are a handful of the typical guided rides. See Below.
Subject to change.
We are trying to change it up from the standard guided Jam/Rally.

Expect a vendor fair, the magazines are all sponsoring this so hopefully
some major Manufacturers will be there.

We have a GIANT movie screen and will be having a drive-in movie night
as well as some live music.

This is in conjunction with the "Miners Days" celebration. There
will be a ton of stuff for kids to do.

Paiute Trail UTV Jamboree
Ride descriptions:

#03 - Monroe Mountain Poker Run
This full day ride leaves from Marysvale City Park on Friday. The ride will take you north on #02 over the hills to Poverty Flats, continuing north to Monroe. From Monroe we will go up Monroe Main Canyon (#7 past Hunts Lake to Monroe Peak at 12,000 Feet. Heading south we will come to beautiful Manning Meadow Reservoir on #01 for a lunch stop sponsored by and provided by South Forty RV Park. After a leisurely lunch we will continue south to #02 and will descend Dry Creek to Marysvale past Dry Creek Falls. The trails are easy and wide but the length will make this an "Intermediate" ride. The Monroe Mountain ride allows for 30 machines. The ride is approximately 65 miles.

#04 - Adelaide Rendezvous
Leaving from Marysvale City Park, this full day mile 80 mile ride is held on Saturday and will take you up Deer Creek (#74) to the main #01. Then continuing past Silver King Mine to the Kimberly Ghost Town mining district on #13. We will follow #13 to the intersection with #15, then west under I70 and north to #06. From there we are just a few miles from lunch at the beautiful Adelaide campground located in Corn Creek Canyon, just east of Kanosh. We will rendezvous for a lunch break at the campground where we may be visited by wild turkeys. From there home by way #06, a short distance on #01 and #97 and #10 to Elsinore. Then across fields to Monroe, south from Monroe on #24 to Marysvale. The trail is a bit challenging in places with some steepness and small stream crossings. Crossing the south end of the Pahvant range will afford photographers some great views to the south and west and hopefully some wildlife. Bring your lunch, camera, and extra gasoline. This ride is rated as "Advanced." Because of the length of the ride. The ride allows for 30 machines.

#05 - Otter Creek
This ride is offered on Friday and will begin at Marysvale City Park. First leg is down the River Road (#37) then picking up the Marysvales Loop (#02) south to #25. We will follow #25 South to the intersection of #01. East and North past Kingston Troughs on #01 will bring us to Pole Canyon (#72). #72 will bring all the way to Otter Creek State Park, Otter Creek Reservoir and Otter Creek Marina. Lunch will be at the Marina or at the State Park picnic area sponsored by and provide by ???????????. This ride is about 60 miles, bring a good lunch ???????? and plenty of film. We will return back up Pole Canyon and then north on #01 to the Marysvale Loop #02 and return by way of Dry Creek to Marysvale. This is an Intermediate ride. A total of 30 machines will be allowed on this ride.

#06 - Pipeline Trail
This Thursday ride leaves the Marysvale City Park. The ride travels east toward Durkee Springs and the south through the Utah State Division of Wildlifes Elbow Ranch. With any luck, we might see Deer and Elk along the trial. Continuing south, we travel the Pipeline trail then north on the #01 and over Langdon Mountain. The ride continues to the intersection of #02 and then down Dry Creek with a break at the Dry Creek Falls then down the switchbacks to the valley floor and back to Marysvale. Words underestimate this spectacular ride as it traverses the valley floor the foothills and then over the summits. This ride is for Intermediate riders and allows up to 30 machines. Approximately 50 miles.

#08 - Couples Special
This ride is held on Saturday of the Jamboree. The ride is specifically intended for couples, although single riders will not be turned away. It will begin at the Marysvale City Park. Going north on #02 and then on #22 will take us to Hoovers Caf. The route will take riders up beautiful Deer Creek Canyon along trail #74 to the main Paiute #01 trail, then on to the summit where youll cross the Tushars at near 11,500 feet above sea level. This is well above timberline and is the highest point on the Paiute Trail. Keep your eyes open for mountain goats and other wildlife. On a clear day you can look west into Nevada. Then on to Big Johns Flat for a special lunch sponsored by and provided by Rose Ranch and Resort. The ride will double back along the #01 and then down into Marysvale. This ride is rated as "Intermediate" and allows for 40 machines. About 45 miles for this ride.

#09 - Kimberly Ghost Town
This Thursday ride begins at the Marysvale City Park. From there, the ride crosses the Sevier River and comes out at the Big Rock Candy Mountain - made famous by the Burl Ives song of the same name. We will take a short break where you can learn the history of the area and visit the gift shop. Continuing on, we will pass through the old town site of Winkleman and Hoovers and up trail #74 to trail #01 and a stop at the Silver King Mine. The ride continues down through the old Kimberly Ghost Town (only remnants of the old school house and mill are left) making a loop that comes back up the mountain on the Beaver Creek (02) trail back down to Marysvale. The ride is rated Intermediate with two rough sections and allows up to 30 machines. The ride is approximately 45 miles.

#10 - Big Rock Candy Mountain
This ride will leave the Marysvale City Park. How do the words to that old Burl Ives song go? Something about lemonade springs and the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Well this is the mountain that inspired the song and this Thursday ride will allow you to see it from angles that few people do. Bring your camera. Lunch will be at Big Rock Candy Mountain, provided by Big Rock Candy Mountain??????? The first half of this ride will explore the Silver King Mine and the story of Brigham Darger and his bride Pansy. This is an "Intermediate" ride and will cover 35-40 miles. This ride allows for 30 machines. Plan for about 40 miles.

#13 - Spare Rib Special
If you like to eat barbeque ribs, then consider putting this one on your agenda. This Friday ride will travel north and east from the Marysvale City Park. Starting out on the River Road (#37) south to #02 then following the #02 up Dry Creek to the main #01 trail. Following #01 past Manning Meadow Reservoir to #78 and then to #44 and north to #68. Travel #68 a short distance and then take Forest Service road 076 down till it merges with #01 and on to Koosharem. Fill your gas tank at the Grass Valley Store, then drop by the Koosharem Caf to fill your food basket (lunch on your own). . .hey, if you don't like ribs, they'll serve you an old fashion hamburger with all the trimmings. The prices are reasonable and you won't be disappointed. Of course you can bring your own lunch also. We'll take a different route home mostly on #01 and #02. Build up your appetite with a ride and then work it off with some more riding. What more could you ask? It's over 80 miles, but suitable for most "Beginners." All you need is a few bucks in your wallet. This ride allows for 30 machines.

#14 - GPS Explorer
This full-day Saturday ride is sponsored by ATVUtah.com, and Lizzie and Charlies RV/ATV Park. The ride includes route and geocaching using your GPS unit and is classified as intermediate due to the individual nature of the ride. This is not a guided ride. A GPS unit and a FRS or GMRS radio transmitter / receiver for each pair of riders is required. Maps and coordinates will be provided for the ride at the GPS Training Session on Friday evening. For those not attending the training session, maps and coordinates will be available at the starting point of the ride. We will leave from the Marysvale City Park. You will ride as a group to a starting point using route coordinates to begin the geocache part of the ride. This ride will be approximately 80 miles long and has been rated for Intermediate riders. Bring extra gas and extra water. Lunch will be provided by Lizzie and Charlies RV/ATV Park from noon to 1:00pm at hidden location.. you have to find by the coordinates!!!! This ride allows for up to 60 machines.

#15 Service Project ride - Friday
The project has not been defined as yet, but we invite you to come an enjoy the fun and camaraderie while helping maintain our beautiful trail system.

#16 Cottonwood Loop Mining history
Leaving from Marysvale City Park on Saturday we go west up Bullion Ave to Revenue Gulch (#77) and on to Miners Park. Tour Miners park for a first hand look at the history of mining at the restored mining district. Walking tours and restrooms. From there we will go up the north slop of Cottonwood Peak. Spectacular views from 10,000 feet. We will continue over Cottonwood and down Cottonwood Canyon. You will see many old mining camps and operations. After a beautiful drive down Cottonwood Canyon we will come out at Hwy 89. Cross the hwy and back to Marysvale. This is an Intermediate ride. About 35 miles for this ride.

#17 50 inch Special 50 inch or less machines only
This Friday ride will leave by way of trail #37 south to the intersection of #02. Continuing south to #25 and then on to #01. #01 will take us south through Kingston Canyon and across Hwy 62 and on to Circleville. Lunch will be at Circleville RV Park, provided by Butch Cassidys Caf. We will go East from Circleville and up Wades Canyon (watch the switchbacks!) across Hwy 153 to Big Johns Flats for a breather. Then across the top past Bullion Pasture to the 12,000 foot pass. From there you can see forever and dont forget to look for the mountain goats. We will follow #01 to #02 and down Beaver Creek to Marysvale. This a full day Advanced ride of about 75 miles.

#18 50 inch Express Joe Lott trail 50 inch or less machines only
This Saturday ride will leave Marysvale on #02 to the east and north to #22 and to #74 at Hoovers Caf. Across the Hwy and up Deer Creek to the #01. Then north past Silver King Mine to the Joe Lott trail. Down the trail to #76 and on to Hwy 4. We will follow the Hwy east to the Fremont Indian Park for lunch (bring a lunch) and a tour. After lunch return by way of #01 up the Joe Lott trail to #02 and down Beaver Creek to Marysvale. This is an Intermediate ride and allows for 30 units. Plan for 60 miles.

8:00 Meet at Marysvale City Park for registration until 9:00

9:00 Introductions and kickoff

10:30 Rides depart

#06 Pipeline Trail
#09 Kimberly Ghost Town
#10 Big Rock Candy Mountain and Silver King Mine
#16 Cottonwood Loop Poker Run

6:30 Dinner at the City Park Sponsored by the Piute County Chamber of Commerce

(Meal Ticket not Included in Free Registration)

7:30 Live Music - Bill Mcillwain, Dancing and Bonfire at the City Park


8:30 Rides Depart

#03 Monroe Mountain Poker Run
#05 Otter Creek
#13 Spare Rib
#15 Service Project
# 17 Circleville & Big Johns Flat 50 inch or less machines only

11:00 Pioneer Childrens Games

1:00 Mud-Across, UTV Rodeo - Junction Utah

5:00 Dutch Oven Cook Off - Judging Begins

6:30 Dinner Sponsored by the Marysvale Chamber of Commerce

(Optional Meal ticket not included in registration)

7:30 GPS class for GPS ride on Saturday (Location to be announced)

8:00 Bonfire

9:30 / (dark) Drive-In-Movie in the City Park



Candy Cannon, Gold Panning, Arrowhead Knapping Demonstration, Black-Smithing Demonstration, Quilting, Mountain Man Skils, Heritage Display Live Entertainment

7:00 5K Run

7:30 - 9:00 Breakfast Sponsored by the 4-H

("Optional" Meal ticket not included in registration)

8:30 Rides Depart

#04 Adelaide
#08 Couples Ride. Sponsored by Rose Ranch Resort
#14 GPS Explorer
#16 Cottonwood Loop Poker Run
#18 50 Express Joe Lott Trail 50 inch or less machines only

10:00, 1:00, 3:00 Historic Mining Tours

11:00 Pioneer Childrens Games

12:00 B-B-Q Lunch Sponsored by Rose Ranch Resort

("Optional" Meal ticket not inlcuded in registration)

1:00 Log Sawing Competition

2:00 Pioneer Children's Games

3:00 Arm Wrestling

6:00 -7:30 Live Music

7:30 Wrap Up-Drawing and door prizes
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Cindy Venable


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Re: UTV Jamboree Schedule and event Ride descripti
Reply #1 - 06/21/09 at 17:49:52
Do we purchase the meal tickets once we get there?  I registered online but did not see an option for the meal tickets.
Thanks for your help
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Re: UTV Jamboree Schedule and event Ride descripti
Reply #2 - 06/21/09 at 22:09:37
When we get the meal tickets online everyone who is registered will receive an email notifying them of the purchase availability for that and also for t-shirts.

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