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12/03/23 at 16:36:58

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HB 78 (Read 46 times)

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HB 78
02/11/19 at 19:27:39
HB 78 will be back in Committee Again, we need support at the committee for this bill.  

DATE: Tuesday,
February 12, 2019
TIME: 3:40 PM
PLACE: 445 State Capitol

This bill has some serious opposition from those who dislike our sport and love being able to convert land to wilderness without going through the state process.   You know it's a good bill when the wilderness society, save our canyons, and the Sierra Club oppose the bill.   There are also county commissioners who oppose this because they feel it encumbers their ability to do whatever they want.  

I encourage you to attend and I encourage you to stand in support of HB 78.   Here are a few thoughts.

Although the Emery County lands bill is a good one to connect to t his bill, let's not make this bill directly about the  Emery County Lands Bill, this bill was written almost 2 years ago, prior to what happened with ECLB.  This is about what is right for the public lands in Utah.  

Public Lands, Features, waterway, canyons, vistas, buttes don't pay attention to county lines.   Public land designations shouldn't carve out protections simply within a county boundary, neither should it be done in a vacuum by 3 county commissioners.   I would remind the committee that the public land portfolio is a statewide issue and needs statewide oversight.  

Another consideration to point out that anytime you put yourself out there for senators and representatives from across the nation to decide the fate of lands within our state we are asking for trouble.   We may ask for one thing and get something entirely different, house floor and senate floor amendments are easy and frequent.  In addition we need to be very careful about placing Utah public lands on the docket as a bargaining chip for other pork and abuses that occur in Washington DC.   The Washington county lands bill is an example of this, where much of the language was changed in DC and Washington county has since been involved in legal action to resolve many of the issues created in the bill.

Encourage politely the Utah Legislature to do their job and provide oversight of their political subdivisions and history has shown that there are numerous political subdivisions who are willing to do anything to drive their agenda regardless of the impact to users and neighboring political subdivisions.
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Re: HB 78
Reply #1 - 02/12/19 at 21:34:17
Well, not related to this, but it would appear that Emery County has given in to SUWA and the Senate has approved the bill. The Swell may be a dead zone to us now thanks to a non-elected bureaucrat in Emery County.

I don't know the final disposition, but the pure fact that a small county like Emery would concede to making Wilderness Study areas out of mostly Uranium mining sites is appalling. Short term thing for short term funding. This is what our politicians do for us.

If they have a FB page, this is what I tried to post:


Kiss goodbye to your economy and businesses, Emery County. Loved to visit Green River. Best sleep I ever got was at the River Terrace Hotel. Emery County Commission sold all the business out to SUWA and traded off the San Rafael Swell for some short term financial gains and totally put all businesses in this county out of business for the long term. Spent a ton of money in Castledale, Ferron, Green River, etc - only for your non-elected bureaucrats to sell you out to SUWA. If I owned a business in this county, I'd be super pissed. Senate just passed the bill which shuts off the San Rafael to any future motorized travel. How much do hikers/bikers contribute to your county? Nothing? Yeah, thought so. Your politicians are equal to their weight in my kitty litter box.. both stink and are tossed out at least twice/daily, so please do the same.
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