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02/23/24 at 16:58:06

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Outlander XT 1000 Review (Read 24 times)
Wind Bag

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Outlander XT 1000 Review
06/05/21 at 21:04:35
Wow, we really need more people to post a review on this web site.  1 review in 2 years?  Come on people, lets hear what you think about your ATV or UTV or products for them.

I'll post another brief review to get things started.  A year and a half ago I purchased a 2020 Can Am Oulander XT 1000, and here is what I have experienced so far.

Can Am upgraded the Outlander in 2019, with more power, a wider stance, revised suspension geometry, revised suspension settings, and numerous other changes.

When I bought this ATV the first thing I noticed was that it felt too responsive.  I've owned a number of other 1000 cc ATVs before, from three different brands, and when I first hopped on this ATV to load it in a pickup truck it surprised me.  Just barely touch the throttle and this machine really jumps, and my first thought was that it would be difficult to ride.  The dealer explained the multiple performance settings that are available, and after toning it down a bit, and switching to the standard key instead of the performance key I felt safe enough to load it on the truck.  The first ride was eye opening, and kept a big smile on my face the whole time.  Can Am really stepped up the performance and handling with the new Outlander.

In the year since that first ride I have learned that there are actually 36 different performance settings, so you can adjust performance to pretty much any level you want, just by flipping a switch on the handlebars, or changing keys.  There is the standard key and a performance key, there is a work mode, standard mode, and a full yeehaw (sport) mode for the ignition, there are three separate power steering modes, and there is 2x4 and 4x4, all controlled electronically with just the flip of a switch.  Work mode works very well for loading and unloading the ATV, working around the yard, and for super technical dangerous trails like Rocky Ford Trail.  The throttle is super easy to control, and response is muted.  Standard mode works best for 80% of the Paiute Trail, and lets you have a very spirited trail ride, with great throttle response.  Sport mode is too much for most ATV trails.  The ATV really wants to run when it is in this mode.  I keep finding myself going way too fast and thinking I am going to kill myself if I don't slow down.  So I make a conscious effort to slow down.  But before I know it I am going way too fast again, and start thinking I am going to kill myself all over again, and have to slow it down again.  And this keeps happening over and over again, as long as it is in sport mode.  The ATV just wants to rip it up when it is in this mode.  When you get to an open trail or road, then by all means flip the switch to sport mode and it will paste that grin on your face that won't go away.  This ATV is seriously fast in sport mode with the performance key in.

Suspension on 2018 and prior Outlanders tended to be too soft, especially the front suspension.  Can Am fixed that with the 2019 upgrades, and now the suspension is more taught feeling, and better controlled.  The revised suspension geometry and 2" wider track width seems to have really helped, and this Outlander feels like an entirely different machine than the 2018 and prior Outlanders did.

There are lots of other things to consider in a "review", such as how much weight can be carried on the racks, towing capacity, etc, etc, etc.  I'll skip all that.  It works fine.

A few other things to think about ...

Fuel mileage 16 mpg
Fuel range 80 miles

Cost of upgrades needed for this ATV to work well has been $0.  It is absolutely 100% stock.  I am even still running the stock tires.

Cost of repairs in the first year and a half has been $0

Number of times the ATV has been back to the dealer since purchase = 0

Okay people, lets see your reviews.

Here is a picture back before the wheels were all scratched up from rocks, and when the plastic was still pristine
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