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12/09/23 at 22:31:41

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Chicken farmer (Read 13 times)
Don Parscale
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Chicken farmer
07/03/21 at 14:25:15
A chicken farmer went to a local bar. He sat next to an attractive woman and ordered a Manhattan   .  
The woman said: "How strange, I also just ordered a Manhattan."  
"What a coincidence," said the farmer, who added, " It is a special day for me. I'm celebrating"    
"It is a special day for me too, I'm also celebrating!" said the woman.    
"What a coincidence!" said the farmer.    
While they toasted, the farmer asked, "What are you celebrating?"    
"My husband and I have been trying to have a child for years, and today, my gynecologist  told me that I was pregnant"    
"What a coincidence," said the man. "I'm a chicken farmer and for years all my hens were infertile, but now they are all set to lay fertilized eggs."    
"This is incredible," said the woman. "What did you do for your chickens to become fertile?"    
"I used a different rooster," he said.    
The woman smiled and said, "What a coincidence."

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