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A Short List of Smart Things to take on your trip.

This trail is BIG and you can cover a lot of ground on a few hours
on an ATV.  More ground that you may be able to walk back.

You should never regret going for a ride. 

With a little preparation you won't.

Here is our list of what you should not leave home without.

1:    A GOOD Map.  Study it, make sure you understand where you are going.
      How to recognize where you are in route and how long you will be gone.
2:    A compass.  Even a cheap one will help.  A good compass and good map
       and  very basic knowledge can be a life saver.

3:   Storm and Survival Kit.  Tacoma Mountain Rescue Unit makes
      a GREAT kit, compact and complete for surviving the night,
      building a fire, shelter and essentials.  You will be glad you spent
      $20 on this when you need it.

4:    First Aid Kit, make sure it had more than band-aids.  Spend $20-30.

5:     Water .  Take enough to survive at least a day.   Camelback makes
        great water carriers that are easy to drink from even when wearing
        a helmet and driving your ATV.   This is the high desert and very dry.
        If you are not use to it you will be surprised at how much water you

6:     A whistle.  Wear it on a lanyard around your neck.  If you crash
        out of obvious view a whistle will last longer and carry further than your
        voice.  Three short blows for a distress signal.   And it doubles as
        a way to get the attention of other riders if your ATV has a wimpy horn.

7:      20 feet of tow rope.  Being towed home beats walking.

8:      A flashlight.  Lost + Dark + Broken ATV = (insert expletive here)

9:     Sunscreen? What, your helmet and all that gear protects you?
        The trail goes about 11,000 feet in elevation.  If you think your
        BBQ grill burns things quickly you haven't seen a thing yet.  Can
        you say "Lobster"?  This can relate directly to your survival on
        a long walk.

Smart things to do:

1:    Tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be gone.

2:   NEVER ride alone.

3:    Know what time the Sunsets.  Make sure you time your ride.

4:    If you are unfamiliar with the trail simply find someone on (or near)
        an ATV and ask them where to ride.  Experienced riders love to
        share.  You'll have a great ride and make new friends. 

Things that make riding on a trail this large more fun:

1:    A handheld GPS - makes finding your way much more fun and reliable.
        Plus you can easily locate specific places and things like Geocaches .

2:    An FRS radio.  These inexpensive and useful radios are great for locating
        other riders and getting help.  Check with other riders about what channels
        they use or monitor.  If you are with a group they are invaluable.  Ten
        riders spaced out to keep from eating each others dust can cover over a
        mile of trail.  Missing a turn is easy.  An FRS makes finding your lost friends
        easy too.

3:    A Camera, any type.  This trail is the ultimate Kodak moment with enough
        amazing scenery to make you think of becoming a photo journalist.

4:    Binoculars, did we mention the trail was BIG.  Wildlife doesn't seem to
        understand that you expect the zoo experience.  If you want to see our
        elusive Mountain Goats you will need to study those snow drifts that seem
        to last all summer (hint: that is not snow).

5:    Your cell phone.  It will work much of the time.  You can call the office and
        gloat about what a great time you are having.  Or you can call for help if
        needed.  Call your cellular provider and give them our zip code: 84750 to
        make certain.

6:    Extra Fuel.  The trail is REALLY BIG and while there are several towns
        along the way there are so many things to see it is a shame to miss them
        because you had to make a beeline for town.

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